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RNLI - Rock Angling and Wearing a Life Jacket

A video all about behaviour change when fishing in some of the country's most dangerous environments. 4 men, lots of water and unexpected results...

An amazing experience

The Brief - Film a 1-day experimental procedure in the RNLI's dive pool in mid winter. Included must be full coverage of the events as they unfolded. Cameras alongside and under the water, with a sizeable crew

The Project - We had to deliver this without knowing exactly what was going to happen - the effects of large quantities of water in fishermen's waders were largely untested

The Kit - Multiple 4K cameras, including Sony F55, Sony FS7 (2 of), Sony FS5, Gopros, steadicam, gimbals and underwater equipment. A huge amount of HMI lighting to light the area down to a depth of 4m. Thermal image camera.

What's most amazing - the shock on the faces of the anglers when they discovered the weight of their waders as they tried to lift themselves out of the pool

DHUFT Apprentice at work
May 2018
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