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Some of the things that we get asked all of the time...

Do we need 4K video production? Does it cost more?

Yes, 4K delivers fantastic, detailed imagery. However, for most clients, HD is more than adequate. That said, there are some significant advantages with acquiring footage in 4K, even if the final programme is for HD delivery. Oh, and NO, we don't charge more for 4K in most cases. Read here for more...

I hate being filmed... Can you help?

A phrase we hear every week , and that is why we offer media training for everyone. This can be very basic just before you go in front of the camera, or comprehensive assessed training for senior executives. Relax, you will quickly forget that we are there.

Is Hallmark Broadcast expensive?

Absolutely not. We have packaged transparent pricing for everyone. To be honest, we are not the cheapest production company you will find though, and have no wish to be. We concentrate on delivering quality, on time, and to an agreed budget. Don't be afraid to chat with us about your budget, it really helps us come up with a plan for you

How long should my video be?

The best answer to that is "As long as necessary, and no longer". Attention spans are very short these days, so, keep to the point, and make sure that your content moves quickly (unless it's about snails or tortoises). Some of our social media videos are 15 seconds or less, whilst car reviews can be as long as 10 mins. Horses for courses.

What if I cancel a booking?

Our industry is underpinned by 3 standard levels of contract - a formal written contract, a "pencil" booking and a "firm" booking (these latter 2 may be written or verbal).

As is industry norm, we employ freelance technicians to assist us from time to time, and they adopt the same tried and tested agreements with us.

Where pencil bookings are made, we undertake to keep the booking in our diary for the dates/times requested. However, if a second client requests the same times, we will give you the "first refusal" opportunity to firm the booking, or we MAY withdraw our service for the project at our discretion. Once a firm booking is made, we charge a cancellation fee as follows:
More than 14 days notice of cancellation: 50% of contract value, plus all incurred expenses
Less than 14 days notice of cancellation: 100%  of contract value, plus all incurred expenses
Formal written contracts and cases where a Purchase Order has been issued - 100%  of contract value, plus all incurred expenses

Any variation to these terms will need to be formally agreed in writing with us at the time of making a booking.

How can I ask a question?

Give us a call on 01202 779000 or email us

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Still have questions?

We like talking to our clients, to offer help and support with all their production needs. Give us a call, and speak to a real person on 01202 779000 (we try to answer within 3 rings). If you prefer, email us by clicking on the link below

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